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After kicking off his music career as a choirboy, Greg Greg quickly moved up to the big leagues as a singer/performer touring his hometown of Jersey City in "The Dollies," his grandmother’s senior citizens “road show.” It wasn’t until the late ‘80s that he shrugged off his innocence to become arguably the most rotten of Rotten Kidz and the sickest of Sick Sense, original underground angry punk/rock bands, playing hundreds of shows throughout New York City, Hoboken, Jersey City, and the Jersey Shore. As a main songwriter of the band, he scribbled aggressive lyrics about living in the street, interpersonal and “interspiritual” relationships, and worldly issues. Pumping out hooky riffs, chord progressions, and rhythms, Greg began to lay the foundation for music to express the dynamic pronunciations of his poetic paradox between the rage and love of life. When that gig disbanded, undeterred, Greg changed his image again, this time to hippie, and took to the road once more on a solo acoustic street-corner tour from NYC to So-Cal and back. Returning to (mostly) indoor venues, he took to the stage with his talented songwriter/pianist uncle/mentor Aart Markenstein (Aart in America Piano Company) in World Without End. For the good part of the next several years, they challenged each other's raw passions to craft songs and perform them live throughout their hometown area. 

At the turn of the millennium, Greg could be found exercising his ample lungs and maturing songwriting skills with Superdose, which garnered three short-lived indie recording deals and recorded his album "BiOS" (Butterflies in Outer Space). Superdose also toured the East Coast and got some radio play throughout Delmarva with its song "Actions," which charted in the Top 40 on the National 101 Distribution Chart. The band made noise in the college scene as well, with television interviews and live performances on campus, and even appeared twice on the Howard Stern show. In the mid 2000s, Greg solicited a new member for Superdose, Bassist Ben Puglisi (now owner of DAA Entertainment and Diamonds Radio), and joined his cover band, Dirty Water Dogs, who put its own spin on crowd favorites from Incubus to Metallica. For two years, Dirty Water Dogs and Superdose rocked the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park as its house band while playing many other popular (and quite a few unheard-of) bars and clubs from the Jersey Shore to North Jersey.

During a personal hiatus from music that lasted until the “tweens,” Greg cut his hair, then grew some interesting facial hair, reconnected with Ben, and began his current metamorphosis as Greg Greg Pocketful, a one-man spectacle in which he shares his wide range of original acoustic music at venues like Fixx in Red Bank, Bar A in Lake Como, Brighton Bar in Long Branch, and the occasional strip club or cemetery. His method is to first soothe the live music goer into his peaceful hippie space with songs like "Missing Peace" and “Yuma Desert Dream,” stir up some feelings with others like “I Won't” and “Man You Want,” then wake them the f#@$ up as he flashes back to his angry days and explodes his vocal chords with tunes like “OK in the End" and "Little Miracles." 

Presently, Greg Greg has a collaboration of close musician friends who together form Pocketful Rialto! Depending on the next opportunity for a live performance, along with his angelic to demonic throating, you may find Greg playing guitar, bass, or any other instrument that will enhance his songs at the specific event. Ever conscious of the occasion, he may perform one of his his self-coined sub-genres “Acoustic Peace Metal” or “Electric Soul Shock Rock,” or perhaps something totally off the wall like impersonating Janis Joplin or drunken Irish tunes. Expect the unexpected and be ready to have your eyes pop and jaw drop! Greg Greg’s music is most often described as “raw” and “dynamic,” which also, unsurprisingly, perfectly describes the artist. All songs are available for publishing or purchase.