Born and raised with the international influences of Montreal, Canada, Peter Graigs is now based in hard-working, hard-rocking Pittsburgh! Growing up, he listened to the music that drove the ‘80’s: Rock, Progressive, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal. His musical heroes include Randy Rhoads, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Clapton and Al Di Meola. Like many other rockers, he also listens to the occasional Classical piece. 

Peter has had years of live concert performance experience and recording sessions with such bands as Wired, Sillian, Trax, G13 Band, and Scars of Grace. He mastered guitar, bass and drums – different skill sets, to be sure! – though he was sidelined for a decade following a parachute accident. He's performed for huge live audiences throughout North America, including television and the Spectrum de Montreal (audience 2,500), Cote de Neige (audience 10,000), and Auditorium de Verdun (audience 15,000).

Peter Graigs new patriotic video playing all instrumentals, "What Would You Do for a Soldier", can be viewed on while his latest album "HEROES AND DEMONS" can be purchased at and Keep an eye out for his upcoming single and album.

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