CLOSE2DEATH is a female fronted alternative rock band from Staten Island, NY. Their goal is to touch people's hearts of with melodic lyrics and beats that keep you moving. The band's sound is a combination of rock, punk, metal and melodic harmonies with female leads and male backing vocals.

Close2Death was formed in 2005 by lead guitarist Chad Anthony and drummer Mikey Mike Caiazzo, along with Mike Fennimore on rhythm guitar/vocals and Matthew Lund on bass. Wanting to add lyrics to the screams, the band found its missing link with new lead singer, Dee Dial from Austin, TX. With personnel changes and Dee's powerful voice, we stepped into the studio and recorded our first EP "Y" (2007) with Brian Jimenez on vocals and Ben Longwell on bass. It was produced and recorded by established musician, Billy Graziadie of Biohazard at Underground Sound Studios, South Amboy, NJ.

To promote our EP, we began to play local shows in the NYC area. We started landing gigs at Kenny Castaways, The Bitter End, Crash Mansion and Webster Hall. We then branched out into New Jersey and Pennsylvania playing shows at Six Flags Great Adventure, Starland Ballroom and Bootleggers (PA) among many others. The EP received positive reviews and a good deal of college and Internet Radio Airplay in the U.S. & U.K.

"The production of Y is outstanding and all tracks have a very full soud with great changes, breakdowns, choruses and smart song writing. The female vocals are superb with the backing harmonies and the added male screamer gives more of a hard edge. The pop aspects really make some of these tracks radio friendly and they fit the wave of material that is getting airplay at this time. The album shows diversity. The guitar and drums are a powerhouse and they really bring the punk side of things into play. The pop ballads work great at singles and the harder songs are great for anyone who picks up this album and is looking for something that is pop music that really rocks." ~A&R Select

Due to unfortunate circumstances, there was a breakdown in the band, causing a setback in the production of new music. Close2Death managed to stay active as we spent an enormous amount of time trying to find new musicians to fit the bands chemistry. In 2011, Nicholas Grasso joined C2D as our new drummer, with Mike Fennimore taking over the bass guitar and backing vocals. Having settled our personal issues, we went back into the studio and recorded our new EP, Fallen Faces. It was produced and recorded by John Pennino of Phrygian Studios in Staten Island, NY.

In the beginning, C2D had been a growing force in the NY/NJ music scene and their star had gotten brighter with every live performance. During those early years, C2D had made a name for themselves headlining Six Flags & Frightfest at Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey.

They also won December '08 Artist of the Month for Messamusic UK webzine on messamusic co uk .. Close2Death made it to the semi-finals of the 2008 Emergenza International Band Competition and came out victorious in the Supernova Brooklyn Band Battle in October 2007.